Setting A Beer Menu: A Look Into Menu Strategy

Well, it’s official.  As an aspiring beer professional, I was able to set my first ever beer menu.  Although it may not seem super exciting for most people, it’s a big deal to me.  I wrote a plan of action for the beer program at Tryst approximately two months ago.  We’ve been working hard to implement those concepts to set the menu for our October 1st launch.  Scroll to the bottom to see our complete fall lineup.

Showing Some Local Love

     I believe it’s important to share the wealth with neighboring breweries and support a great local beer scene. We’re bringing in one DC beer, DC Brau Public, and two from breweries in the DMV area: Lost Rhino RhinO’fest and … Continued

Tröegs Brewery Tour

Not too long ago I took a group of people to check out the Tröegs brewery in Hershey, PA.  I’ve written about a number of Troegs beers before, including Java Head and Mad Elf, to name a few.  Since I’m playing a role in beer selection for Tryst Coffehouse Bar and Lounge, I thought it’d be good to get a hands on look at some of the breweries that produce beers I plan to carry.  Maybe it’s a tad old school going all Warren Buffet style like that, but after seeing the Tröegs brewery I’m confident in their dedication to quality.

Movin’ … Continued

What Is Craft Beer? Best Beer Styles For Beginners

Oh boy, this is soapbox worthy.  I could spend 3,000 words detailing what defines craft beer, what it is and what it isn’t.  Instead, I’ll save both of us some time.  If you’re reading this website, you may be a craft beer enthusiast.  There is also decent chance you don’t know much about craft beer.  I remember when I first got into craft beer.  The entire process was highly intimidating.  I never knew what people were referencing and there were moments when I thought I’d never be able to understand it all.  I’ve since realized that it’s impossible to know everything.  If anybody admonishes you for being a total novice, they’re a jerk, they’re not serving the best interests of … Continued

Beer Review: New Holland Brewing Co. Dragon’s Milk

I’ll never forget what fresh New Holland Milk Stout tastes like; young, rambunctious, and filled with passion.

Never a huge fan of codified beer reviews, I understand the necessity of their evil. Beer reviews that comply with an agreed upon format increase the collective knowledge of brewers and beer drinkers alike. These codified beer reviews are great for those that take interest in beer. The downside to codified beer review formats: these stand in stark contrast to creativity. There is much more to a beer than just the way it smells, looks, or tastes. What is often missed is the way a beer moves you, speaks to something greater than your palate. Every once in a while, a beer moves … Continued

Learn How To Age Beer: Start A Craft Beer Cellar

I shipped one of my buddies an aged Ol’ Raspy in the hopes that he’ll enjoy it on a night when nothin’ but a contemplative North Coast RIS (Russian Imperial Stout) can quell the nerves.  This very act got me thinking about philosophy, life, and the fact that I haven’t had a beer cellar in quite some time.  Shortly after leaving FedEx, I went to a big beer outlet and started perusing the aisles for beers that would serve as good cellar candidates.  It is about damn time I begin aging beer again.  After all, I’m going to need some fodder for my future as a burgeoning beer professional. Continued

5 Best Beer and Food Pairings: Beer vs. Wine

DivineBrew is long overdue for an article about food.  I’ve compiled a wealth of knowledge and incurred lots of gastrointestinal pain over the years in my pursuit of knowledge.  I will save you the heartburn and let you in on a little secret: beer can be more amazing with food than any other beverage.  That being said, the food pairing game has long been dominated by wine professionals.  For reasons unknown to me, lots of beer professionals are dead set on trying to play in the wine professional’s pairing space.  I’m a competitor and I like to win.  These are my favorite pairings, where I know beer beats wine every time. Continued