Tap Takeovers Suck: BeerAdvocate Should Give Me A Column

While perusing twitter for beer related nonsense I came across a very unique tweet.  Courtney Cox (managing editor at BeerAdvocate) tweeted the fact that BeerAdvocate is looking for people to write a column in their magazine.         I love BA’s attitude, they take their beer seriously and they’ve never been shy about letting everybody know that.  For those that know me, I care less about offending people and more about getting down to reality.  Why do you think my site is called DivineBrew?  I’m opinionated.

Why I Need a BeerAdvocate Column

     Well I wrote my pitch to editorial@beeradvocate.com and I certainly hope that entices them.  However, a pitch isn’t that great until they get a working of idea of what … Continued

Cask Beer: 3 Reasons Most Bars Shouldn’t Serve It

Do you love cask beer like I do?  A pint of freshly tapped cask beer is quite possibly one of the most altruistic pleasures any beer geek is lucky to have.  The aroma explodes and the lack of carbonation allows you to explore the beer in ways never possible before.  Rumors of cask-tappings are like secret concerts or big time comedians playing at small venues unexpectedly.  They inspire those select few geeks to drive 30 minutes in a freezing snow storm because their favorite beer is being tapped… on cask.  What about the other 80% of an already small percentage of the beer drinking population that are going to get the cask beer three or four or five days later?  … Continued