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Belgian Beer Styles: A New Categorization System

That’s right kids, I re-imagined a new way of looking at some old classics: Belgian style beers.  Words don’t do this justice, so I’ll just show you a graphic instead… belgianbeerstyle

My Defense

     If you’re not an Über beer geek, you’re looking at the above graphic and thinking to yourself “WTF?”  If you are an Über beer geek, you are undoubtedly trying to find shortcomings with my breakdown of Belgian style beers.  Truth is, I don’t think I have it all figured out.  Nobody does.  Beer and beer style are totally subjective in that no beer ever perfectly matches any beer style.  Beer style … Continued

Research Recovery Hell: Beer Strengthens My Perseverance

I had written an article which was closely tied to some of the work I’ve completed for my research paper.  It was undoubtedly the greatest beer article of all time.  Guess where that article is now?  Forever lost somewhere in the vacuous suck hole that is my evil hard drive.  Lesson learned: set up Microsoft word to always auto-save a backup of your documents.      My research paper will now be insulated from evil document eating hard drives because I’ll always have backups on two separate drives after this little incident.  I will never be able to recreate the greatest beer article of … Continued

Beer Style Sucks: Great Brewers Told Me So

Joy has no finish line… ~Max Wilson

Art, history, science; the three reasons I love beer.  Everybody talks about quitting their jobs to do what they love someday, I did.   Brewers and beer-ish people are a passionate group as a whole.  I love what I do for a living because the joy never ends.  I have been involved intimately with beer long enough to know that I will never know it all.  Therein lies the beauty of beer; you could spend an entire lifetime learning and never reach the end. Beer changes every second of every day.  The topic being discussed today brings up a sensitive subject for many in the beer world. Continued