Tryst & DC Beer Week Host A Night Of Funk & Folly w/ New Belgium Brewing Co.

This is a shameless plug for a killer event that even your grandmother would enjoy.  We’ll be hosting a progressive beer tasting at Tryst Coffeehouse Bar & Lounge on August 16th starting at 8pm.  That’s right, crazy New Belgium beers you can’t find all in one place, all in one place. Twenty bucks gets you a 4.5oz tasting of all five beers, a pint of your favorite brew, a customary New Belgium glass and an entry into our raffle.  Oh yeah, we’ll have some killer live music after the tasting as well.  Tickets go on sale Monday, July 23rd. Get ready to have grandma get down like James Brown. Continued

Branding: Brewpubs Learn From Cosmetics Experts

Any of the major production breweries will tout the significance of their branding… or at least they should.  Branding matters for any company that conducts business in local markets all the way up to international markets.  Whether they sell services, soup, cosmetics, watches, etc, strong branding translates to dollars.  If you take a page out of the L’Oreal company play book, it becomes very apparent they place a high value not only on the company brand name but the individual brand names as well.  They’ve built several strong brands over 100+ years of doing business.  As of 2010 L’Oreal maintained approximately €1.5bn in brand assets[1] on their balance sheet.  They believe brands are a quantifiable asset.  I agree.  So why … Continued