Moustaches, Beer, Men’s Health and Giving Back

I have long felt a compulsion to do two things: give back in a meaningful way and grow a mustache with some waxy curls.  I have found the perfect organization to work with for accomplishing both of these ends, Movember and Sons.  I’m committed to this cause.  So much so, that I shaved my awesome beard to start anew.  This is supposed to help me gain people’s attention.  When people see my now beardless baby face, they try to see if they recognize me, they gasp, and then they ask me why I did it.  No, it wasn’t a fashion statement. No I didn’t have a change of heart.  My beard was, is, and will be awesome once again. I did so in an effort to start a conversation.  This is the part where you ask, “Hey Brett, why did you cut that steel mane of manliness from your face to grow a perverted blonde moustache?”  Funny you should ask…

Go To The Doctor, Man

     I built (and I’m still building) a team of moustache growers and advocates.  Our main objective is to raise awareness for men’s health.  Here’s the sad truth on us men: we’re steel on the outside and beer soaked cookie dough on the inside.  The same goes for dear old dad.  He’s tough as nails (or so he says), but you distinctly remember him crying during that Wayan’s bros basketball movie.  The men in your life need reminding that going to the doctor and getting checked out is the manliest act of all.  I’m going to grow a ridiculous moustache, the least you can do is get the word out (and possibly donate).  Talk to your brother, uncle, dad, grandpa, anyone and everyone about getting a routine doctor visit.  For more information or to donate to our cause, check out Team Coffee ‘stache.

But Wait, There’s More

     We’re going to throw a kickass moustache party on November 29th at Tryst.  That’s right, we’ll be selling $10 donation tickets (at the door) to everyone who attends.  ALL of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to our Movember cause and you’ll get a free moustache’d pint glass, a pint of The Curious Traveler or a bottle of The Tenacious Traveler and entry into a super kickass raffle courtesy of The House of Shandy.  Our goal is to raise $2,000 between online donations and ticket sales from the event.  Please help us out and remember that drinking beer can be used for positive change.

What We Need From You

Step 1: Go to Tryst, order a pint of The Curious Traveler
Step 2: Donate here
Step 3: Make plans to get weird with us on November 29th
**Moustaches are not required, always appreciated (real or otherwise)**

This Is It, I Promise

     Since we’re in a giving mood, another organization has struck a serious chord with us.  Before I vacated my old job and set out to become a beer dude, I lived in Hoboken.  Many of my friends are still there, and this is the worst hit area in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Recovery teams are working hard to mobilize in these disaster recovery areas.  Team Rubicon USA works to employ military vets for disaster recovery situations.  This is a win-win-win scenario.  We will be contributing a small amount of our fundraising efforts from the moustache party to this cause.  Giving feels good, so we’re spreading the love.

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