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Welcome to the beer section of DivineBrew. I love beer and if you hang around here long enough you will too. These are some cool beer-inspired items to check out. Comics, photos and more to get your passion juice flowing. Grab a beer and peruse all things awesome related to beer.

DivineBrew Comics

     I'm constantly creating new comics for humor and education. Artist? Hardly. Dude who loves beer? Definitely. Feel free to check these out and share them all over the web, just make sure you give me attribution. Someday, these wil all be compiled into a book. For now, they'll live here at DivineBrew.

Limitations of Beer Style: Broken Concept of the Past?

As you may (or may not) know, I’m in the midst of studying for the BJCP judging examination and the Certified Cicerone® examination.  I have to be well versed in beer style to pass either of these exams.  In theory, I can identify a porter from a pilsner much like a seasoned wine professional can identify a pinot gris from a cabernet.  That shouldn’t be too difficult; the real “professional” part lies in identifying the nuanced differences between a Southern English brown and a Northern English brown.  These can be quite hard to differentiate for an untrained palate.  I believe beer style and its rigorous study has a purpose in the universe.  In fact, I’ve been studying beer style since … Continued

Best Craft Beers For Football Season

If you’re like me, you stand at odds with yourself when it comes to beer and football.  I love craft beer.  I also love football season.  It seems logical that good beer and football should go together, right?  Right.  Problem is… the drinking culture surrounding US sporting events propagates copious drinking of especially shitty beer.  I wouldn’t do it anymore, but I used to chug copious amounts of Keystone Light before a Jets game at the old meadowlands.  Those days have since passed and I find myself asking, “What quality craft beers should I drink on gameday?”

21st Amendment Bitter American

     Bitter … Continued

Tröegs Brewery Tour

Not too long ago I took a group of people to check out the Tröegs brewery in Hershey, PA.  I’ve written about a number of Troegs beers before, including Java Head and Mad Elf, to name a few.  Since I’m playing a role in beer selection for Tryst Coffehouse Bar and Lounge, I thought it’d be good to get a hands on look at some of the breweries that produce beers I plan to carry.  Maybe it’s a tad old school going all Warren Buffet style like that, but after seeing the Tröegs brewery I’m confident in their dedication to quality.

Movin’ … Continued

What Is Craft Beer? Best Beer Styles For Beginners

Oh boy, this is soapbox worthy.  I could spend 3,000 words detailing what defines craft beer, what it is and what it isn’t.  Instead, I’ll save both of us some time.  If you’re reading this website, you may be a craft beer enthusiast.  There is also decent chance you don’t know much about craft beer.  I remember when I first got into craft beer.  The entire process was highly intimidating.  I never knew what people were referencing and there were moments when I thought I’d never be able to understand it all.  I’ve since realized that it’s impossible to know everything.  If anybody admonishes you for being a total novice, they’re a jerk, they’re not serving the best interests of … Continued

What Are Hops? Hops Are The Spice Of Beer

The more I do this, the more I become intrigued by a newcomer’s entrance into the world of craft beer.  I too was there once. At times, I lament the early days of excitement and curiosity.  Becoming a hardened beer professional lends itself to an entirely new set of challenges.  Some of these challenges are greater than others.  Educating people is one of the challenges I take great pride in. There is a great lack of understanding with regard to hops and their relationship to beer.  Often I’m asked, “What are hops?” This should help.

Beer Is Like A Pen And Paper Drawing

     There are four main ingredients in beer.  Barley, water, yeast and hops.  Allow me to give you … Continued

Beer Review: New Holland Brewing Co. Dragon’s Milk

I’ll never forget what fresh New Holland Milk Stout tastes like; young, rambunctious, and filled with passion.

Never a huge fan of codified beer reviews, I understand the necessity of their evil. Beer reviews that comply with an agreed upon format increase the collective knowledge of brewers and beer drinkers alike. These codified beer reviews are great for those that take interest in beer. The downside to codified beer review formats: these stand in stark contrast to creativity. There is much more to a beer than just the way it smells, looks, or tastes. What is often missed is the way a beer moves you, speaks to something greater than your palate. Every once in a while, a beer moves … Continued